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Yury Dumchev's biography

Yury Dumchev was born on August 5th 1958 in Rossosh in the Voronezh region of Russia.

He finished musical school in 1973. He acted in the school’s theater. He went to Moscow boarding school №9 which is now The Moscow school of the Olympic reserve №1.He started training throwing the disk and the shot put. His coach was RSFSR’s coach Ivanov Alexey Aleksandrovich.He won the European championship in Donetsk, the championship of the USSR, matches between the USSR and Germany and USSR and USA in 1977. In 1979 he had a small part in his first movie "Faster Own Shade.”

On March 24th, 1980 he won the USSR record for the throwing the discus-67m26 cm. At the Olympic games in Moscow he won 5th place throwing 65 m 58 cm. In August, he had one more record for the USSR with 68m 16cm. He became the champion of the USSR in Donetsk. He won the USSR cup and became the champion of the USSR in Moscow in 1981. He held the USSR Record of 69m 16sm in 1982. He was the Champion of the Ussr in 1983(68m 62cm) On May 29th, 1983 he had the world record of 71m 86 sm.In 1984 he was the Champion of the USSR. He also became the winner of the competition “DRUZBA -84”(alternative of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles with 66m 70 cm.

He acted in a movie called “Boris Godunov” by S.F. Bandarchuk. He played the role of “Pole”. After that he was placed in a Mosfilm cardfile. After the movie “The Person From Parkway of Capuchins,” was given the title for the second actor’s category. In 1986 he finished the University(MOGIFK). He won 4th place at the Olympis Games in Seoul,Korea. He also became the Champion of the USSR (66m 04cm) in 1988. He won the competition in Cyprus on May 30th, 1990 and was honored at the President Makarios International Athletics Meeting.

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