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Dumchev Yury Eduardovich
The established master of sports,
The ex-world record-holder in disk throwing.71m 86cm (May 29th, 1983).
A tenured film star (60 films)
Agency " MaKS" tel: 1439306
A member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia in 2002.
A Liveryman Actor in Russia in 1998.
A Member of Elite club "That? Where? When?".
End:MoGiFk in 1986.
Courses of actor's skill S-F in 1999.
Born August 5th, 1958
Height: 2m 00cm
Weight: 125kg
Documentary film " Unsportsmanlike History " 1991. Director T. Chubakova of scenes. E.Bogatyrev
Theatre of V.Mayakovsky сп. "Smoking area" (director N.N.Volkov) 1990-1992.

1979-faster own shade-discus thrower (P.Ljubimov)
1986-Boris Godunov-pole (S.F.Bondarchuk)
1987-grass is green-foreman repairmen (V.Nazarov)
1987-person from parkway of Capuchins-white feather (A.Surikova)
1987-Akseleratka-gangster (V.Korenev)
1988-person escaping-bulldozer driver (E.Tsyplakova)
1988-match-zav.klubom (L.Gajdaj)
1988-house under star sky-sportsman (S.Solovev)
1991-Kaminskij-Buba (France)
1991-on Taganke go tanks-reketir (A.Solovev)
1993-Silhouette in a window opposite-boxer, the nurse, the ashman. (R.Liblik)
1992-Funeral on the second floor-bodyguard (A.Stashkov; E.Aminova)
1994-Goriachev and others-Zhora (J.Belenky)
1997-Sketches about Moscow-executioner (L.Jakubovich)
1998-I want in prison-gangster(A.Surikova)
1999-The Chinese service-efrem (V.Moskalenko)
2000-Old kljachi-Vasja (E.Rjazanov)
2000-Trajectory of the butterfly-cook (J.Goldin; O.Babitsky)
2000-Moroseika the 12-bathhouse attendant (I.Apasjan)
2001-Ideal para-Mihas (A.Surikova)
2001-Detectives-brothers of Baboljubova (Krasnopolsky)
2001-The pale liar-Stepan (V.Moskalenko)
2001-Turkish march-bodyguard (M.Tumanishvili)
2001-Down the House-dentist (R.Kachanov)
2001-Brigade-smoothfaced (A.Sidorov)
2001-Bashmachnik-Fedja (V.Zajkin)
2001-I am a doll-Kabanjuk (J.Kara)
2002-The house fools-kvass (A.Konchalovsky)
2002-Antikiler-Jack (E.Konchalovsky)
2002-NINA-WHALE (Krasnopolsky)
2002-Red dragon-Shifti (J.Tanasesku)USA
2002-Match-robber (Koltsov)
2003-The bride on correspondence-Jura (R.Kopelli)USA
2003-The BARBARIAN-DARK the prince USA-Russia
2003-Jumble-porter (A.Globin)
2003-Striped summer-nach.stroitelstva (E.Tsyplakova)
2003-Has rescued under birches - waiter
2003-The taxi driver-major militias (V.Donskov)
2003-At the corner at the Patriarchal-ravens (V.Derbenyov)
2003-Russian in a city of Angels-zav.skladom (R.Nahopetov)
2004-The captain Truth-minister (A.Zamjatin)
2004-The consequence conducts delitant (the Dinner at the cannibal) - the gardener (V.Morozov)
2004-Take up a fishing tackle-Gorilla (O.Stepchenko)
2004-The Moscow cold-carp (Chris Solimin)USA
2005-Neotlogka-2 - Suffered (Vadim Sokolovsky)
2005-Parcel from Mars-gene (V.Donskov)
2005-Guys from a steel-pine forests (M.Aliev)
2005-KGB in a tuxedo-Drejk (O.Fomin)
2006-Thorny wreath-masseur (V.Uglichin)
2006-Hottabych-Aleksandr (P.Tochilin)
2006-It is difficult to be god-Roe Keu (A.German)
2006-Parisians-gangsters (S.Poljansky, S.Egerev)
2007-Frost on a skin - Carp (K.Solimin)
2007-Natural selection - the Kid
2007-Fiery cross-Mosquito (A.Globin)
2008-Love-carrots 2 - physical hands
2009-Syndrome phoenix - Mayor (S.Sokoluk)

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