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Pupils of group of Y.Dumcheva:
Champions of Moscow:22 Masters of sports: 4
Champions of Russia :7 Masters of sports of the international class: 1
Winter Cup of Europe-3 a place (2002 year), 2 place (2007 year)
The former pupils:
Carps Е. - the Champion of Russia - 65m08sm
Kuzynin A. - 66m26sm CHSNG - 1 place.
Gracheva I. - 62m88sm
Kozlov E. a kernel - 19m45sm winner of Russia-1 place A disk - 54m50sm
Ampleeva N. - 63m58sm the champion Russia -1 place. Cup of Europe-3 place.
Gurov I. - 55m00sm winner of Moscow-1 place.
Fonov V. - 51m69sm
Evgrafov D. - 51m03sm - winner of Russia. -2 place.
Azarenkova N. - 36m64sm
Geman S. - 50m68sm - winner of Russia - 1 place.
Machkanova E. - 59m40sm champion Russia-6 place.
Seskin U. -67m08sm The Champion of Russia 1996 year.
Kopitova T. - 55m23sm The Champion of Russia 2006 year.
Kastarakov A. 15m85sm – a kernel,48m08sm- a disk; winner of Russia -3 place
Antipova A. 10m08sm - a kernel, 32m86sm – a disk; winner of Russia -8 place
Group training at present:

FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INITIAL, LAST NAMEYear of receiptkerneldiskThe best achievements
Gribkov Sergei 1985200414.1060.09the champion and winner 2007 year.,2 place on the cup of Europe
Riaboshlik Roman 1989200617.0352.88(1.75)winner of Russia-6 place
Kalambetova Anna 1988200611.9549.78winner of Russia-3 place
Afinagentov A. 1990200615.2644.70winner of Russia-8 place, hammer - 56.90
Dumcheva Natalia 199210.6032.01Winner of Moscow-1 place
Ritova Anastasia 1992 11.9641.54winner of Moscow-1 place, Superiority of the Russian Federation - 3 place, Games of schoolboys - 4 place

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